Royal Courts

Costumes for the Royal Courts are Custom Designed for the individuals.
In many cases we created all pieces worn by the royalty:  clothing, collars, and trains.

Each costume requires at least six months to create.
For Crowns, Tiaras, Scepters, pins, or other specialty jewelry,  
Please visit our friends at Dynasty Collection in Mobile, AL
Krewe of Phoenix, Mobile, AL   Once Upon a Time 2013
King Jay III
King Mel and Angela
Order of Osiris, Mobile 2015
OOO in Outer Space
King Douglas V, the Krewe of Phoenix 2015
"Secret Garden"
Queen Sheri,  Krewe of Phoenix 2017  
"Under the Big Top"

Her personal symbol is the peacock, and her motto is
Live Well, Love Much, Laugh Often,  all embroidered
on her train, along with  "Life is a Journey, Enjoy the
The Krewe of Athenians Montgomery, Alabama
Queen Chandler and her King
Queen Sara Catherine and Her Court  2005
Queen Adrienne 2007
Queen Catherine 2009
Queen Dorothy Alice 2013
Queen Foy 2015
The Krewe of the Phantom Host-  Montgomery, Alabama
Queen Cameron and King Montala XLIV  2005
Queen Courtney 2006
Queen Catherine and King Montala LIV  2015
Queen Sara Ross 2016
Queen Ashley and
King Montala LVII   2018
Queen Georgia 2003
Queen Blair and King Montala XLII
With their Pages 2003
Queen Anne Ferrel and King Montala XLVIII 2009
Queen Collins and
King Montala XLVI   2007
King Montala LV and his Pages
Queen Amanda 2006
Queen Jessica 2002
Queen Lucy and
King Montala XL 2001
The Mystic Order of Revelry-  Montgomery, Alabama
Queen Frances 2011
Queen Emilie  2005
Queen Grace  2013
Queen Abigail  2017
Queen  Adele  2012
Queen Blair  2010
Queen Anne Gunter  2007
Queen Ann  2016
Queen Elinor  2009
Harlequins -  Montgomery, Alabama
Queen Camilla  2000
Queen Bradley  2001
Queen Anne Parrish 2014
Queen Anne Sellers  2017
Queen Caroline  2011
photos: Elmore DeMott Photography
The Krewe Of Phoenix,   Mobile, Alabama
Queen Anne Townsend
and King Montala LIII  2014
The Blue Gray Colonels Ball,  Montgomery, Alabama
Queen Grace 2001
Queen Elsa 2016
The Maskers,  Montgomery, Alabama
Queen Mane Tyler  2000
Queen Jennifer Ruth  2002
Queen Lauren  2018
The Order of Osiris,  Mobile, Alabama
King Donnie   2007
Queen Ellie 2019