Krewes and Mystic Orders often require their members to present
costumes based on the ball theme.  
These can range from elegant to risqué,and from elegant to outrageous.
Despite their size, most of these costumes are very light weight.
The Captain of the Blue Ball, Mystic Krewe of
Apollo Bal Masque XXVIII wanted a royal blue
crushed velvet tuxedo to open the ball as
"Blue Velvet."
Octopus, "Under the Sea"
Mystic Krewe of Apollo Bal
Masque  XXVI
What if Dame Edna were an
octopus?  Her head was about
4 feet tall,
and each arm was 8 feet long.  
Two arms were controlled by
the wearer.  On her back was a
large boa, and a skin diver
in her loving embrace
Mystic Krewe of
Apollo, Birmingham,
The Blue Ball
Blue Suede Shoes
Mystic Krewe of
Birmingham, AL
The Blue Ball
Blue Hawaii
This 70's Elvis required
dashboard Hula dolls,
some coconuts, and a
parrot for "Blue Hawaii."
The volcano erupted
blue mylar confetti!
"The Yellow Rose of Texas"

The State costume worn by
Mrs. Texas, Tracy Elliott, in the
Mrs. America 2006 pageant
in Tucson, AZ.
We travelled to Dallas to do the
final fittings prior to her
departure for the competition.

This costume placed in the top 10-
a first for Texas!
Mardi Gras Jesters,  Krewe of Phoenix, Mobile, AL   2011 "Tributes."   
This is our Tribute to Mardi Gras- each costume had over 3 pounds of feathers, over sized
beads, and a paper mache mask.  They're over 8 feet wide and almost 10 feet tall.
We replicated the label of
his hit record, and put a
white glitter guitar floating
in a cloud of blue feathers
on the back for 50's Elvis
Inspired by
Priscilla, Queen of
the Desert,"
Ten Foot Tall Disco
were on 18 inch
stilts, big wigs, and
featured rotating 20
inch disco balls on
their backs!
the Order of Osiris, Mobile, AL  2007
We did it all: chariot, mask, headpiece,
costume, and wings.  
The mask is featured on the mask page.
Apollo's Wide World of Sports 2008
Mystic Krewe of Apollo, Birmingham
Another name for a shuttlecock is a birdie...
Get Wild- Apollo on Safari 2007
Mystic Krewe of Apollo, Birmingham
Can you find the man wearing this costume?
Apollo's Wide World of Sports 2008
Mystic Krewe of Apollo, Birmingham
Remember Yukon Cornelius?
Get Wild- Apollo on Safari 2007
Mystic Krewe of Apollo, Birmingham
Don't it make you wanna dance?
photos by Jubilee Photography
Photos by Jubilee Photography
the Order of Osiris
2012, Alter Egos

Venetian Carnival

a Butterfly and a Swan
the Order of Osiris 2012
The Krewe of Phoenix-  Shoot for the Stars, 2012
"Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory"
We have Mr. Wonka, and the things that got the kids in trouble, and a
partying Oompa Loompa with candy and a chocolate waterfall.
The Roaming Gnome-  
Go and Smell the Roses!
Krewe of Phoenix 2015
"The Secret Garden"
The Order of Osiris 2015
"OOO In Outer Space"
Rosie from the Jetsons
The Order of Osiris 2014-   "Magical Mystical Places"
Pee Wee needed a Jambi.  We were able to help.  He had his own lighting, too.
Krewe of Phoenix 2015 "Secret Garden,"  
Hippie Garden.   I guess you can see what they've been growing...
of Phoenix
"Secret Garden"

Winter Garden.
Snow on the
pines, and
Christmas dreams.
the Krewe of Phoenix 2017-  "A Night Under the Big Top"- The Ladies of the Sideshow
The Knife Thrower's Target and the Tattooed Lady
The Phoenix
The Krewe of Phoenix 2010, "Imagine"
The Krewe of Phoenix 2016 "Treasures of the Phoenix- KOP Takes it to the Bank"
A couple of fancy pirates for "Buried Treasure"
Krewe of Phoenix 2013-"Once Upon a Time,"  
Aladdin, Jafar, and Jasmine on Flying carpets!
Also from "Treasure of the Phoenix:"

we have "Diamonds" (left)

and then "Gold" and "Pearl." (below)  These two
costumes were on the floor at the same time,
celebrating the Olympian and his gold medals, and
then her new personna.
Order of Pan 2016
Mr. Margarita
Order of Pan 2017
The emblem Pan, who was both a
satyr and a Mardi Gras jester doll
Order of Pan 2018
"Pan Spins the Wheel of Fortune"
Lucky Star
Galileo with light up shooting star
Order of Pan 2019
"Pan on Broadway"  -  The Lion King

We created our version of Rafiki, complete with a chorus of animals in colorful print shirts and animal heads.  
Animal mask patterns by Wintercroft or Lapa Studios
the Krewe of Phoenix, 2020 "Defining Moments- Hindsight is 2020"
the Invention of the Guttenburg Press.

Our Librarian is showing off her copies of Sherlock Holmes, The Brothers Grimm, the Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter.